LGBTQ+ Greeting Cards

“The Why” - We Need To Be There For One Another...

Living in a Covid-19 world has changed the way we interact with each other. With social distancing and quarantining common-place, it's more important than ever that we stay connected with our loved ones and friends.

What better way to stay in touch than the personal, tactile joy of a greeting card! 

But not all greeting cards were created equal. In fact, LGBTQ representation in greeting cards is probably one of the smallest demographics served. And we think that's wrong. So we did something about it.

“The What” - Presenting Pride Pride Pride Greeting Cards!

Our Pride Pride Pride greeting cards try to honor the LGBTQ+ experience without exploiting or over simplifying it. Our goal is to create products that represent the LGBTQ+ community and serve them in a way that other products simply do not. We want you to know that you are seenheard, and loved!

We went with simple, clean designs and utilized the rainbow spectrum as much as possible (within reason). We wanted our cards to be easily recognizable as “pride” and LGBTQ+ themed, without being overly corny or using adult-humor. The idea is that these LGBTQ+ cards can be sent from and to any LGBTQ+ person as well as to our allies (my Mom loves them). It’s just one more way we can help “normalize” LGBTQ+ presence in retail greeting cards (and retail in general).

Our cards cover birthdays, thank you’s, just because, coming out, congratulations, I love you, and, my personal favorite, from one family member to another. We hope to expand our line in the future to add more and more occasions to the list!

We hope you fall in love with our LGBTQ+ cards and, more importantly, that you immediately start thinking about who you can send them to! We all have someone or something to be thankful for these days; take this opportunity to say something about it. The world can never have too much love being spread!